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Mary Francis Clarke Photograph
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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> This stained glass window graces the front entrance of the Motherhouse. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> A heritage room dedicated to BVM founder Mary Frances Clarke includes artifacts from her life. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> This bell goes back to the community's early days on the Iowa prairie where it called Sisters to prayer and meals. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> A five-story center staircase and stairwell gives a striking perspective. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> Photos and memorabilia of Sisters and their ministries, past and present, line the walls of the Prairie Room. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> Sisters come together daily for liturgy in the Motherhouse Chapel. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> This window of the Holy Family was uncovered during a recent chapel renovation. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> Sister Ruth Evermann wove this hanging of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Motherhouse Chapel. <b class='callout'>Motherhouse</b> Stations of the Cross recall the passage from St. John's Gospel, <b class='callout'>Marian Hall</b> This statue of Mary greets visitors to Marian Hall, the community's skilled care center. <b class='callout'>Marian Hall</b> Sisters visit with guests beside a cozy fireplace. <b class='callout'>Marian Hall</b> The Marian Hall Chapel is the central prayer space for Sisters. <b class='callout'>Caritas Center</b> The Caritas Center foyer provides space for Sisters to welcome guests. <b class='callout'>Caritas Center</b> Exercise equipment in the Wellness Center helps keep Sisters healthy. <b class='callout'>Caritas Center</b> A therapy pool is available for Sisters and Roberta Kuhn Center students. <b class='callout'>Caritas Center</b> The Caritas Center dining room is the central gathering place for meals and sharing. <b class='callout'>BVM Center</b> Entrance to the BVM Center is dominated by a radiant stained glass window. <b class='callout'>BVM Center</b> The Center library provides space for research and meetings.