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Mary Francis Clarke Photograph
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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'></b> (l. to r.) Associate Co-Coordinator Nancy McCarville, Deb Doyle, Associate Roseann Chatfield <b class='callout'></b> Associates Roseann Chatfield and Betty Takes <b class='callout'></b> BVM Mary Jean Ferry and Associate Sharon Scully <b class='callout'></b> BVM Gracia Schmidt, Associate Mary Patricia Sheehan <b class='callout'></b> Back row (l. to r.) Associate Co-Coordinator Grace Mendez, Roseann Chatfield, Sharon Scully, Violet Boge, Marilyn Wasmundt, Christine Olsem, Rose Brimeyer, Kathryn Kean, David McGhee, Associate Co-Coordinator Nancy McCarville. Front row (l. to r.) Mary Chapman, Mary Patricia Sheehan, Betty Takes, Carole Kies, Mary Tritz, Mary Ann Troy, Sherry Jacobs, Mary Schmidt <b class='callout'></b> Associate Betty Takes, BVMs Lou Anglin and Mary Angela Buser, seated Associate Mary Schmidt <b class='callout'></b> Associate Mary Chapman <b class='callout'></b> Associate Christine Olsem <b class='callout'></b> Deacon Jim Kean, Associate Kathryn Kean