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Mary Francis Clarke Photograph
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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'></b> BVMs in Chapel <b class='callout'></b> Guests in Chapel <b class='callout'></b> Regina M Qualls, BVM, Mary Claire Casey <b class='callout'></b> Lee and Marie Brown, Elaine Brown <b class='callout'></b> Austin and Peg Mallinger, Nancy McCarville <b class='callout'></b> Aaliyha Quiroz, Mary Ellen Meckley, BVM, Carmen Villegas Castro, Elias Castro, Shayla Quiroz, Alicia Villegas <b class='callout'></b> Mya Cortez, Tony Cortez, Shayla Quiroz, Kayla Cornejo, Kenny Cornejo, Aaliyha Quiroz, Angel Cortez <b class='callout'></b> Kayla Cornejo, Baby Cornejo, Aaliyha Quiroz, Shayla Quiroz, Kenny Cornejo, Tony Cortez, Angel Cortez, Mya Cortez <b class='callout'></b> Baby Cornejo, QAaliyha Quiroz, Angel Cortex, Mya Cortez (f), Kayla Cornejo, Shayla Quiroz, Kenny Cornejo, Tony Cortez, Brenda Cortez (m), Alicia Villegas, Mary Ellen Meckley, BVM, Carmen Villegas Castro, Luis Cortez <b class='callout'></b> Anne Buckley, BVM, Marie and Lee Brown <b class='callout'></b> Elaine Brown, Kelly Myers, Cathy and Chuck Whittier, Marie Brown <b class='callout'></b> Nancy McCarville, Judith Sheahan, BVM, Judine Bruch, BVM