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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'></b> BVMs celebrating their Diamond Jubilee on Sept. 9, 2012, are (first row, l. to r.) Virginia Hughes, Eva Sheehan, Julissa Duggan, Kathryn Maher, Carolyn Weibeler; (second row, l. to r.) Clementine Kuhle, Frances Loretta Berger, Jean Dolores Schmidt and Madalyn Hogan. (Not pictured are Eileen Galvin and Mary C. McGovern). <b class='callout'></b> Sister Kathryn Maher is followed by Sisters Virginia Hughes and Jean Dolores Schmidt as the jubilarians process into Marian Hall Chapel. <b class='callout'></b> Community representative Sister Carol Marie Baum assists Sister Eva Sheehan, followed by Sisters Clementine Kuhle and Madalyn Hogan. <b class='callout'></b> Sister Frances Loretta Berger enters Marian Hall Chapel, followed by Sister Julissa Duggan, who is assisted by Pastoral Associate Sister Virginia Crilly. <b class='callout'></b> Sisters Clementine Kuhle and Madalyn Hogan are followed into the chapel by Sister Carolyn Weibeler, assisted by Pastoral Associate Sister Yvonne Mattioli. <b class='callout'></b> Sisters Carolyn Weibeler and Yvonne Mattioli are followed by Sister Lou Anglin and the BVM leadership team: Sisters Teri Hadro, Mira Mosle and Kate Hendel. <b class='callout'></b> The 2012 Diamond Jubilarians are seated in the Marian Hall Chapel, ready for the beginning song. <b class='callout'></b> The Diamond Jubilarians join in song at the beginning of the liturgy. <b class='callout'></b> The Diamond Jubilarians are joined by the BVM community in a dinner celebration. <b class='callout'></b> The sisters enjoy a delicious meal after the celebration of the liturgy.