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Mary Francis Clarke Photograph
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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'></b> Guests gather in the Motherhouse Chapel. <b class='callout'></b> Pausing for a photo are (l. to r.) Margaret and Al Menzia, Sr. Mary Crimmin, BVM (Agnes) and Kelly Myers. <b class='callout'></b> A cheerful group gathers in the Caritas Center hallway: (l. to r.) Joan Jackson, Jan Ford, Sr. Marian Klostermann OSF and Joyce Weehler. <b class='callout'></b> Sr. Ann Ida Gannon, BVM greets Pat Zeiler (l.) and Jeanne Horan. <b class='callout'></b> Guests (back row l. to r.) Mary Jeane Philips, Susan and George Theill, and (front row) Jeff and Jeane Smoller arrive for the Memorial Mass celebration. <b class='callout'></b> Sr. Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM (Clement Mary) appreciates the efforts of Dining Services Coordinator Clif Cameron. <b class='callout'></b> Gerie, Gary and Julie Schulte (back row l. to r.) join Merle Digman and Sr. Gertrude Ann Brown, OSF (front) for the celebration. <b class='callout'></b> Tom and Trish Loftus enjoy the view from Mount Carmel after the Memorial Mass. <b class='callout'></b> Development Executive Council member Sam Yamoah (driving cart) takes Sr. Jane Haslwanter, BVM (Janette) VALUES (front l.), Michael Colleran (back l.) and Edward Stewart to the Mount Carmel cemetery. <b class='callout'></b> Gwen and Bob Clark prepare for their ride down the Pinewalk to the cemetery.