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Prayer Association

A thoughtful and beautiful way to show your love and concern for a relative or friend is to give them the gift of prayer.

The BVM Prayer Association is a spiritual association in which people can enroll family members or friends to be included in the Masses and prayers of the Sisters of Charity, BVM. Prayer Association greeting cards express prayerful sentiments for all occasions. Included in each card is a prayer enrollment form to be completed and returned.

Each month, Mass is offered at the Motherhouse and Marian Hall chapels for those enrolled.

A contribution of $3 per card will defray the cost of printing and postage. Any additional contribution will help support the ministries of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

You may order gift cards to have on hand without making payment. When the card is used please send the enrollment card and your offering to:

Office of Development
Sisters of Charity, BVM
1100 Carmel Drive
Dubuque, Iowa 52003-7991

How to place an order:
You may place your order online below. If you prefer to have a brochure and order form mailed to you, please call 563-585-2854 or email

Order cards for these special occasions: