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Social Justice Overview

BVM Constitutions

"As women of the Church we are called to give strong public witness against oppression brought about by unjust political and social structures, locally, nationally and internationally."

"We are called to participate in the world-wide struggle of those who suffer injustice, ignorance and indignity."

Over the years individual BVMs have participated in a variety of actions on behalf of social justice: boycotts, vigils, nonviolent demonstrations, acts of civil disobedience, shareholders meetings, letter-writing campaigns, phone calls to congressional leaders, prayer. As a religious community we have taken corporate stances and we contribute to social justice causes.

The BVM Community has taken a corporate stance against the death penalty; it has long espoused peace and nonviolence as well as an "option for the poor," and especially for women and children's rights and dignity. We stand in solidarity with all who work to eliminate human trafficking. In celebrating our 175th anniversary year we focus on water as God's gift to all people; it is a human need and right that everyone have access to clean, comprar cialis, healthy drinking water. We empathize with the plight of immigrants today, both legal and undocumented, believing that fear, ignorance and prejudice do not work justice for minority people. (These links are to text in the Current Issues of Social Justice section below.)

We believe in education as a first step in familiarizing ourselves and others with social justice issues. We believe in a better future for the United States and the world, and we believe in the power of prayer as we pursue our dreams for such a future. Finally, we believe in action, in accord with each person's ability to "think globally and act locally." We invite our friends to join us in pursuit of a more just society and world.

Learn more through these social justice websites: