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Socially Responsible Investments


We believe that "We are called to collaborate with God in continuing the task of creation, to exercise stewardship of our own lives and the unfinished world. We are God's guests, invited to make the most of divine hospitality and to mediate it to one another and to the rest of creation." (Guests of God by Monika K. Hellwig)

Accordingly, we have developed the following socially responsible guidelines to assist our money managers in their work on our behalf.


We recognize that inequity, injustice, war and violence in our world are not in accordance with our commitment to liberation as reflected in Scripture and our Constitutions. Injustice, war, and exploitation of the earth exist on the structural level and are bound up in our institutions. Therefore, as a Community, we must respond on the structural level. Our corporate investments, while earning a fair return, must reflect our commitment to socially responsible investing. In order:

  • to affirm our respect for human rights and the dignity of human life
  • to affirm our commitment to use resources for the common good of the whole earth
  • to promote justice, equity and peace.

We prefer to use our investments, both corporate and alternative, to encourage:

  • fair employment practices in both domestic and multi-national corporations
  • Boards of Directors which provide a voice to women, minority groups, and consumers
  • the elimination of exploitative practices especially in economically poor countries
  • responsible action concerning agriculture and the environment
  • investment in and support of minority-owned and women-owned economic enterprises
  • worker participation in decision making and ownership.

The Community desires to defer from investments which derive more than 5% sales and/or profits from the sale or promotion of tobacco, alcohol, weapons or gambling.

It is our intent to use our ownership:

  • to let corporations know of our concern for social responsibility
  • to vote our shares and invest our funds in accordance with the above guidelines
  • to cooperate with other stockholders who have similar concerns.

Shareholder Education and Advocacy Group

These are BVMs and Associates who have experience with, or have educated themselves about, the way in which corporations and shareholders interact. Where and when possible, group members exercise our right to attend and vote at shareholder meetings. Often it is they who voice our concerns with management through letters or in person.