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BVM Corporate Stance on Nonviolence

Our concern for nonviolence is rooted in the Gospel, Catholic Social Tradition and in the life of Mary Frances Clarke, who was influenced by the Quaker tradition of peace and nonviolence. Throughout our history, we have engaged in peacemaking, envisioning a world where all persons live in dignity; physical, social, psychological and social/cultural needs are met; and our natural environment is enhanced to nourish future generations.

Listening to the signs of the times we grieve the level of violence experienced in our local communities and in the global community. The desire to live peaceably with all of creation compels us to recommit ourselves to a life of nonviolence.

We live in reverence and gratitude for all life and for all that provides support and sustenance, honor and honesty in our interactions an interconnections with all in the community of creation.

That the Sisters of Charity, BVM affirm our belief in, and commitment to nonviolence by striving to deepen our vision and understanding of nonviolence and sharing that vision with others. Together, we proclaim anew our desire for all to live as free from violence as possible.

BVM Senate, Summer 2014