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Message from Director

Special greetings from the Roberta Kuhn Center! The center offers life-giving enrichment activities for those 55 and older.

The design of the center is unique to meet the needs of the local BVMs and the adults in the Dubuqueland area. Classes are only offered in the fall and spring. The variety of offerings provides something for everyone who is a lifelong learner or one who hopes to be one. To stretch one's mind is important as well as experiencing the opportunity for sociability in the classroom setting.

The goals of the Roberta Kuhn Center are:

  • To create a warm loving atmosphere in which all senior citizens of Dubuque feel welcome.
  • To provide a place to learn new ideas, to socialize, to develop interests and provide enrichment, to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.
  • To strengthen attitudes that growing older means growing better.

Come and experience it yourself!

Carolyn Farrell Karen Kane-Herber