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Volunteer Reflections

Blessings received while sharing in BVM service opportunities:

“I recommend this service experience to anyone who lives, breathes, loves.”

“Volunteering taught me the value of letting go of tangible results and just being with someone in need.”

“The BVM service weekend allowed me to fuel my passion for serving by being with others who desire to change the world, impact lives, challenge themselves, and share love with those in need.”

“I learned what it means to be part of something bigger than myself.”

“Sharing such an intense experience with other BVMs and associates has braided our lives together in a permanent way.” 


Ecuador Immersion
"We were all inspired by Sister Annie's unwavering mission to provide world class care for patients with Hansens Disease and commitment to debunking the long standing stigma associated with the disease formly known as leprsy." 

"I must say that describing this experience through words is very difficult because witnessing the work of Sister Annie has accomplished with the Damien House continues to be one of the many signs of God's good works being done here on earth"

"Good lesson for all of us to put things into perspective when dealing with relatively trivial daily challenges and a reminder to count the many blesings we have." 


Hills and Dales Residential Center Service Reflection
"What touched me the most about the day was seeing the loving, tender and patient care parents, grandparetns and staff gave to their loved ones. I could see parents frequently hugging and kissing their children and reminding them over and over again, 'I love you.' What a beautiful image of our ever-compassionate God who constantly lavishes the vulnerable in our midst. A reminder to me that we are all called to do the same."


Arizona/Mexico Immigration Immersion Reflection
"It was a privilege to be a part of the recent BVM sponsored Arizona/Mexico Border Immersion Experience. I describe these four days as sacred, eye opening, heart breaking, enriching, challenging and transforming. As I reflect on my life I am very aware that during the last five years I  have had two major transformational experiences...Postville and now this most recent immersion experience directed by West Cosgrove of the Kino Border Initiative. 

Once again God is speaking to me through my immigrant brothers and sisters. In addition I am looking at some of the proposed immigration reform legislation with new eyes! I shall forever be grateful to have had this experience and to have shared it with such special people." 
- Mary McCauley, BVM


It is extremely hard to put into words my Immersion experience I know I will never be the same after this experience. I knew that there were injustices that Migrants received once they got to the U.S. but in the same breath DID NOT know the extent of hardships and injustice they go through to get here. The Migrants are a determined people to make a better life for their families. This was seen throughout our trip.  
- Kathleen McGrath, BVM