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Steps to Association

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The interested person:

  • Dialogues with a BVM, a BVM Associate, or a local BVM community. The person has either been invited to join BVM Association or has heard about Association through family members, friends, colleagues or the Internet.
  • Contacts the BVM Associate Coordinator indicating her/his interest in becoming an Associate.
  • Submits an Orientation/Discernment Form sent to her by the BVM Associate Coordinator.
  • Discusses with the Coordinator possible persons who could be a Companion during the Orientation/Discernment Phase.

  • Participates in a period of orientation with the Companion and/or local BVM or BVM Associate Community. Usually the Orientation consists of 12 or more sessions.
  • During that time of Discernment and Orientation the BVM Associate Candidate participates in BVM/BVM Associate prayer gatherings, meetings, social justice activities, volunteer opportunities and social gathering, depending on the Candidate's situation and time availability.
  • When ready, the Candidate requests an application form for BVM Association, from the BVM Associate Coordinators Office.
  • Secures letters of affirmation from her/his Companion that are sent to the BVM Associate Coordinators Office.
  • Once a letter of acceptance is received the Candidate discerns with her/his Companion a time and place for Commitment. The Commitment Ceremony celebrates the formal agreement that the Associate and the BVM Community have entered into. If at all possible the Candidate is encouraged to make her/his Commitment at a regional or national BVM gathering.
  • Renews commitment with other Associates or BVMs, annually on December 8.
  • Makes a formal Re-Commitment every three years.
  • Continues deepening her/his relationships with other Associates and BVMs through
    • gatherings of BVMs and BVM Associates,
    • prayer or social gatherings,
    • volunteering with BVMs or Associates in social justice projects or ministries, or by supporting Associates and BVMs through personal prayer.

If interested in exploring BVM Association, contact:

Co-BVM Associate Coordinator
Nancy McCarville


Co-BVM Associate Coordinator
Grace Mendez


Co-BVM Associate Coordinator
Kimberly Emery


Co-BVM Associate Coordinator
Lori Ritz