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Guestbook Entries

Robert Sammon
Sammon Family Memories of Helen Maher Garvey

We did not know that the Garveys lived next door to kids we had played with, the Brethel family on Lincoln Road in Hempstead. I think by that time Helen. graduated from Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead, New York and entered the BVM formation program attended a foreign outpost for the BVMs from the Midwest. She was probably off to Dubuque by the time I knew her family lived so close. And as far as I know she ministered in the Midwest and three eastern outposts in NY – St. Gregory’s, St. Thomas the Apostle and lastly at Our Lady of Loretto. How did the BVMs even decide on these three east coast parishes I do not know. But this decision by the congregation brought Helen to their community and eventually back to where her roots were. If I remember correctly, her religious name was Robert Joseph. I believe Robert might have been the name of her brother, Bobby. I am not sure where the Joseph came and how they chose and the names were appropriated. I am happy to hear she chose Robert, as that is my name. St. Robert is a doctor of the Church, and I remember how proud my mother was of Helen to wear her doctoral robes from Columbia University at OLL’s graduations. It kind of let the pastor and his associates know that they were blessed to have such an educational leader as the school was becoming more multicultural. I do not know how she chose Joseph, but how fitting it is for her last BVM school mission in Hempstead. Although Joseph preceded Mary in his eternal life and Loretto is considered Mary’s last home, OLL is the last home for the BVMs in Hempstead, preceded a few years by St. Gregory the Great in Bellerose and then a few years later at St. Thomas the Apostle in West Hempstead. Once OLL School closed, my family transferred to St. Thomas the Apostle as there were still BVMs there. They wanted our family to still be educated by the BVMs. I think I have shared often on BVM websites and publications how influential and respected they have been in my family’s life and spirituality from 1957, certainly until 1978, when the BVMs left Our Lady of Loretto. Helen and Gayle Brabec were the last two BVMs to serve at Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead. My mother had the good fortune to serve as Helen’s secretary and receptionist. Helen did not care how many words my mother could type – she wanted a person who would greet people and make them welcome in the BVM tradition. Helen and Gayle moved out of the convent and established the provisional convent down the street from my parents’ home as there was no longer a need to them to live in a 24+ room convent. Their location brought them to my parent’s home, as well as so many of the OLL family. I could come home on a summers’ day and find Helen and Gayle enjoying my parents’ pool and we would have a great and simple dinner together. Helen and Gayle attended my brother and my graduation in 1975 from Marist College. We graduated on the football field, and Helen and Gayle held onto our beagle in the football stands. My mother did not travel much and my father even less. She did make the travel out to Dubuque for Helen’s 25th jubilee. When I was in college and called home on Sunday’s when the cost was less, my mother always regaled me with stories of Helen and Gayle. They were the joy of her life. I remember in 1987 when Helen was a member of the leadership team of the LCWR and greeted Pope Francis II in San Francisco as the LCWR leadership team. She did not kiss hiss ring, but took his two hands in hers and kissed him on both cheeks, His expression on the SALT magazine seems t say, why did she not kiss my ring? Who is this sister – but we all know that she continued to foreshadow the LCWR vision of our American sisters. A personable memory I have of Helen and Gayle was during my junior year of college, I was having many gastro problems that left me in the hospital for ten days. I know Helen visited me while I was half awake and half asleep. Helen also helped my family put together my parents’ 25th anniversary back in 1976. The BVM’s at Our Lady of Loretto! God is great and gracious to our family, with Helen and Gayle to my parents. Mary McCauley, Jeanne Marie Gramick, Annemarie Kane, Margaret McCullough, Adele Hannebery are still living testimonies of the BVM’s at OLL. Eva Sheehan, Mary Wolfe are also personal exemplars to my faith and fortitude

Sara Kay Thompson
I would like to hear or read some of the stories about Helen Garvey. She was my second cousin and went to Rome for my profession in lieu of my mother's death. I was unable to be at her funeral. I would like to hear more stories about her. She was one of four religious in the Garvey family. An Ursiline, a Mercy and me. At the time I was a RSCJ. She once said, "I won't hold that against you".

Sr. Anncarla Costello
I just read of the death of Sister Helen Garvey!She was truly a wonderful woman and great leader. I was able to work with her when “Women and Spirit” came to LA. I am sure she will be the BVM’s special intercessor—as well as interceding for all women religious.

Know of my prayers, sympathy, support and prayers.

Jeanette Prodgers
I don’t remember exactly when I first met Sister Pat. It was sometime in the 1980s in Butte. Her good friend Sister Kathleen O’Sullivan introduced us. I think Pat returned to Butte to look after her father and aunt. We had an immediate connection as pronounced introverts. Sometimes we ended up riding the city bus together where we would chat. At one point, we both worked as case workers for the Salvation Army in Butte, a job she was well suited for caring for the city’s poorest.

We met up again after I became a social worker for a local nursing home. As a devoted daughter and niece, Pat frequently visited both her dad and aunt who were in the nursing home. Her love for them was apparent. I have worked in several nursing homes and some friends and relatives shy away from their loved ones, not Pat. She had a lot of patience and was a good advocate for them.

I was not a practicing member of the faith, but I never felt judged by Pat. She was a quiet embodiment of a true Christian. I am a better person for having known her. Rest in peace, my fellow introvert.

richard gilbert longoria
thank you for all your work for the blessed virgin mary, Amen

Ann Marie McIntire
The St Ferdinand School class of 1973 extends it sincere sorrow upon hearing of the passing of Sr. Carmelina. She was our 7th grade teacher and was a wonderful person. They're were 142 of us in 7th grade, but it never seemed overwhelming for her. In fact, we remember individual attention. Many of us know are lives are better because of the start we had with BVMs as our teachers... especially Sr. Carmelina. With prayers of gratitude, and comfort and blessings to the souls of her family and friends, sincerely, Ferd's Class of 73.

Jeff Wagner
Thank you to all of the leaders and members of the BVM order for yesterday's lovely memorial mass. I remembered, during it, my remarkabe, gifted friend and teacher, Dr. Louise Szkodzinski, and was also mindful of the many other sisters, living and deceased, who contribute so greatly to uplifting our souls through education.

Cathy Day
On this fifth of May, I am remembering Sr. Eileen Healy from my years of teaching at St. Paul's in SF. She was a wonderful principal & would always teach an excellent history lesson to my fourth graders on this holiday. I wish you blessings & send my gratitude & love.

Cathy Day

Kimberly A Kaczor-Theobold
Please wish my dearest friend, Sr. Frances Dolan a happy birthday on her 99th year, November 11, 2015. I am who I am today, due to you my dearest friend and teacher! I love you very much. Kim

Joan Sullivan
Congratulations to Sr M. Adele Henneberry! You taught me music (Glee club and organ) at Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead NY (Class of 1962). Thank you for everything you taught me. You are the best!

Bruce Colville
Sister Maureen was a dear friend. I worked with her at St. Paul High School when she was principal. I taught religious studies. A woman of integrity, a terrific educator and administrator in the BVM tradition. My wife Liz and son Andrew extend our prayers to the BVM community and to the extended family and friends of Sr. Maureen. Good bless you Mighty Mo. Much loved. Dearly missed. Like we used to say to each other: "Live lines are better then deadlines". Rest in peace for a life well lived and for all that you gave to so many and so often. A true street soldier for Christ.

David Siedlar
The sisters who sacrificed themselves for their students December 1, 1958, are still remembered and have prayers said in their behalf.

Bill Casey

Each year around Christmas I try to remember to send a clear, loud 'Thank you'. I was one of those skinny kids attending Most Holy Redeemer School in San Francisco's Castro district in the 1960s.

Bless your collective hearts.

Bill Casey

Linda McBride
A Blessed Holiday to all my many BVM friends and a Healthy New Year

Robert Sammon
I am always checking in on the BVM website, which has a picture of Helen Garvey and Mary Highes OP at the Ellis Island exhibit. Know that the BVMs have always been an inspiration to me and to my family as we were educated at Our Lady of zLoretto in Hempstead, NY, truly an outer mission from the BVMs of the midwest. I can remember every BVM I ever encountered as principals, Sr. Mary Lilamae and Barbara Jean (Therese von Holt) who came in to tell us JFK has been assinated. I can remember Srs. Mary Gilberdetta, Mary Eva, Mary Nora, Mary St. Louise, Mary Mercedes (Mary McCauley). Mary Nicodema (Mary Wolfe) - I hope her treee is growing nicely) Mary St. Henry (Margaret McCullough), Mary St. Lolita (Eileen Mc Govern). Mary Suzette (Jeanne Gramick?), Susan Offerman, Sr. Adele, Sr. Anne Francine, Sr. Annamarie Kane, Sr. Anne Frances (music), and of course Helen Garvey and Gayle Brabec, two of the most important people in my mother's life when she was secretary at OLL. Mary Wolfe and Mary McCauley inspired me with my love of social studies (Grades 6 & 8), Margaret McCullough was patient with me as none of the Sammon family had the math gene); Annamarie Kane and Anne Francine participated in my father's campaign for village trustee - social justice issues were arrising at that time. Susan Offerman and Mary McCauley were on our CYO Youth Board when I was president. So who can underestimate the BVMs and their influence on my family and so many more!My mother was saddened when Helen and Gayle left OLL but stayed on one more year to help the lay principal adjust - but it was not the same. Once you encounter a BVM, you respect and love them, and know that you were priveleged to be educated by them in the time of a changing church. Their leadership is still there during the Visitation of Sisters and the LCWR Investigation. Great to hear of Marge Clarke and Mary McCauley's participation, especially regarding immigration issues. I will get another check out to the BVM's this week. I do not make much but you are my favorite charity. Best to all BVM's and especially the sisters who formed me into wanting to be a teacher. I will retire in 2 1/2 more years at the age of 64 after working for 42 years. There is so much volunteer work I want to do. In the spirit of Mary Frances Clarke, thank you for educating me and influencing my life.

Bob Sammon (O.L.L. Hempstead, NY 1967

Steve Hammond
Hello Sister, In 1951, I was named after Sister Mary St. Jerome, BVM. I have spent a long ministry in Catholic school education and I am sure due in so small part to the intercession of this wonderful person. I would appreciate learning something about Sister Mary St. Jerome and sharing a bit about my story which is her legacy. Joy and blessings, Steve Hammond

Gris Hernández
Dear sisters. I am Gris H. from México. Would you please help me pray for my mother María de la Luz. Only God can take cáncer away from her. We believe in the power of prayer. We believe in JesusChrist´s healing blood. God Bless You All. I will be praying for you too.

Sister Suzanne Scattergood, IHM
I just finished reading the book, "To Sleep with the Angels" by David Cowan and John Kuenster. I was a very young Sister teaching in Phila. in 1958 and I remember the fire as if it were yesterday. My heart went out to all the people involved. When I finished reading the book today, i prayed a rosary for all those involved in the fire. May God bless your community and the good work that you do. Sister Suzanne Scattergood, IHM

Marie Genovese
I am so pleased to see the post of Sister Pat O'Connor (10/4/2014). She named all the Sisters who taught me and my (own) sisters in St Gregory's School. At the time, SIster Mar Edwinella was Principal. My second grade teacher was Sister Mary John Ellen and fifth grade was Sister Mary William Cecile. I left Bellerose in 1959 and hold wonderful memories of the school and nuns. My sister and I used to go to the new convent on Saturdays and help clean. All the Sisters left indelible memories for me. What a wonderful education they gave to all of us. Thank you to ALL who serve in this capacity and God bless you all!

Jo-Ann D'Angelo
I want to wish Sister Charolette Ann, Esch a very, very Happy Birthday. My visit was 5 years ago and Sister was still handing out those incredible smiles. You were there as an angel when I needed your kindness as a 4th Grader. Our friendship has continued all these years. I am so happy that God sent you to be in my life. My dearest Pen pal, I send you love and hugs from San Francisco..Your Forever 4th Grade Student xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Sister Pat O'Connor, OP
I want to thank all the sisters who taught me at St. Gregory the Great School in Bellerose, NY: Sisters John Ellen, Mary William Cecile, and Carmelita. Also, Sisters Jamesetta and Mary Edwinelle who did not teach me but of whom I have fond memories. I lived across the street from the first convent and went on many errands to the stores on Braddock Avenue. Their beautiful example fostered my vocation to religious life!

Marianne Piccola

Carolyn J Harman
I just wanted to write a note to Let the Sisters of St.Odilo and St.Leonard Schools know what an amazing impact on my life they had. They showed me what it was to care and love unconditionally. Sr. Bernadette was a force to be reckoned with (dynamite in a small package). I truly give you all my greatest respect. Sincerely, Carolyn (Bjorklund)Harman

(Rabbi) Bob & Dawn Rosen
Prayers for the below Sisters, with LOVE!

Jo-Ann D'Angelo
I want the Sisters to know that I support you 100%. The recent outburst from Pope Francis is a terrible Thank You to the dedicated women who have served the Lord. You who have taken care of yourselves without any help from Rome, you who have given your life to serve all people, you who have given me a wonderful education, you who have remained my dear friends all my life. Please know that we support you, that you have had a terrible unjust outburst from Rome. We know the real truth, and the truth shall set you FREE.. Love all of you. Thank you with all of my heart. Jo-Ann, San Francisco, St.Philip's School Class of 1959

Felicia Marie Moss
Happy Mothers Day to Sister Mary Benetta (1st grade teacher), Sister Mary Sarelle 2nd, Sister Mary Josanne 3rd, Sister Mary Etienne 6th, Sister Mary Rita, and Sister Mary Gacelita, (upper grades Nd administration, Sister Mary Evangelest music, Sister Mary Kilian the St. Augustine and St. Thomas mission in Memphis, TN ...for all you did. Thank you. (Don't remember the correct spellings).

Brian Lowry
Please join me in prayer wishing Sister Monica Lowry Gods's blessings and mercy on her birthday Friday, April 25! Happy Birthday Auntie! God bless all the Sisters of Charity!

Andrea Raila
Congratulations to Ann Harrington, BVM new book "Expanding Horizons: Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1919-1943" !

Look forward to reading it! Andrea Raila, former Mundelein College student

madonna (norris) lechner
I would like to send good wishes to Sr. Patricia Galhouse (Casia). She was my 7th grade teacher in 1962-63 at St. Patrick's in Iowa City. She introduced me to Bach on the organ and encouraged me to accompany the choir on the church organ. I continue to do that to this day. When I retired in 2007, I returned to school and earned a degree in music.

Diane (De Sando) Peszynski
I was taught by the wonderful BVM sisters from 1950 to 1962 at St. Eugene School in Chicago, IL (Norridge). They were wonderful and taught us much more than academics. May God bless each and every one of you with good health, happiness and hope.

yolanda evgeniou
Bless the sisters of charity

Joann Zona
Hi, Sr Jean Dolores.

Angela Vrana
I was taught by a Sister Mary Celsa when I was in the first gradem(school year 1964-65) at Christ the King in Kansas City, Mo. Sister Marry Celsa has been in my thoughts and prayers since she taught me. I hung on to her every word. I would love the opportunity to let her know how she impressed me. I fondly remember her playing a guitar and singing religious songs to us. Sister Mary Celsa was the kindest, most nurturing and engaging nun I had as a teacher. Can you help me find her? I hope she's still alive and well so I can have the privilege of sharing my fond memories of her.

Richard Lee Standley
I would like to learn more about Sr. Margaret (Ancilla) Kretchmar, B.V.M. She taught me third grade religion in 1952-1953 and fifth grade in 1954-1955 at St. Joseph School in Wicita, Kansas. I corresponded with her for a number of years while I attended a military academy but lot touch with her when she moved to Santa Barbara, California to teach. She had a profound effect on my life as I am sure she did with many of my former classmates.

Regina M. Andres
Sister Mary Martinez was my third grade teach at St. Gregory the Great School in Bellerose, New York. She was the most loving and caring teacher I have ever known. As a girl, I recall being invited to the convent for tea and some fierce games of ping pong!! She was a wonderful woman, and had a great impact on my life. Can you share with me any information about her, and how long she lived? Many thanks, and blessings!

Regina Rodgers Andres St. Gregory Class of 1969

Father James Modeen
Saw Sister Mary Ellen Caldwell BVM served in De Kalb. That's my home town. Don't know if she taught me but maybe my sister Mary Ellen Modeen Fitzpatrick who is 4 years older then myself. Anyway congratulations to her on her Diamond Jubilee!

Richard Feller
Congratulations to Sister Lidwina (Stella Marie Swakoski) on her diamond jubilee! I remeber her from when I attended St. Anthony School in the 60s. I owe a lot of my Catholic Faith to BVMs. God Bless!

Mary A. Martin McClinton
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful website.

As of August 13, 2013, I will celebrate my 50th year of baptism in the faith.

I am most grateful to the Lord for the men and women who laid their lives down to teach and preach the gospel to me. I appreciate the Sisters of Charity for their instruction and prayers for me as a child at Holy Cross Catholic School, 842 East 65th Street, Chicago, Illinois. I am pleased to say that I still love our Lord and count it a privilege to share this golden moment with you. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and keep each of you.

Love and Prayers Mary

Michael F. Duffy
I attended St. Ann's grade school in Butte MT from 1955 to 1963. I've recently moved back to Butte and would like to know whatever happened to Sister Mary Antonella (sp?) who taught music at St. Ann's during that period. She taught a boys' singing group called the quintet, then the sextet, and then the octtet. We performed around Butte, including performances before LBJ and Ted Kennedy. She was a wonderful teacher, and I would like to know how she is doing if she is still among us. Thanks so much, Michael Duffy

Steve Wilkes
Hello on behalf of those of us who sang under tutelage of our dear Sr. Leonine (Genevieve M Freund). This is from one of your soprano boys at OLPH in Chattanooga back in 55-63. I will never forget the excitement as I went home to tell (OK, to brag) about Sr. Leonine choosing me to be in her 4th grade (and 4 more years) choir! She has had such a profound and visible effect on me, my heart, and my passion for song, and I will be eternally grateful (and that's quite theologically true, too)! THANK YOU, Sister! I am/we are forever in your debt, and I have always passed it on to others in various D/FW (TX) choirs & music ministries in which I have been a part! She is a gem of the BVM sisters and I am most grateful to you.

Loretta Hultman
I attended Our Lady of Assumption School in Los Angeles from1954 to 1962. Our principal and 8th grade teacher was Sister Mary Baptist. Is she still living or is she deceased? I have thought of her often. Please let me know. Thank you for a superb education.

GOD BLESS THE SISTERS OF CHARITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY+ I was taught in the School of Our Lady of the Angels, Chicago, IL. Sister Lorraine Marie Baller(Sr.M. Charlita) prepared me for my First Holy Communion. God Bless Sister Lorraine+ She is the only one left of my teachers from the BVM Community. YOU TRULY ARE A GRAND GROUP OF NUNS!!

fr joe colletti

fr. joe colletti
Sister: Hello: I just learned that the tall bldng across from Mundelein College in Chicago on Sheridan across from Loyola where housed for many years the Sisters. Where have they gone now?

I lost touch with Sister Lorraine Marie Baller(Sister M Charlita), BVM. How is she? She instructed me for my First Holy Communion at Our Lady of the Angels in Chicago, IL

Fran Kempster Britton
Thanks so much for wishing me well with the recent Oklahoma tornadoes. We are just fine and I am sure you are already praying for the suffering victims. I was reminded of the last time I spoke to my dear Sister Mary Ann Evans (Sister Mary Adelina when she taught me in first and third grades.) She called me worrying about wildfires Oklahoma was having. That was 1-1 of the year she died. She was a very special lady and I was twice blessed since she was my teacher for two wonderful years. I will be going to the 50th anniv. of my Christ the King graduation next weekend, and I am sure we will all be thinking of the BVM's. Fran Britton

sharon Kreisberg
I would like to send love and good wishes to sister Mary Adele Henneberry...I think of her often and the happy years I spent with her at Our Lady of Loretto School in Hempstead New, Sharon Bacher Kreisberg

patricia zamora (acosta)
This past Mother's Day I thought about the BVM's and the impact two had on my life, Sister Joanella (Diane O Donnell) and Sister Joseph Ellen ( Alice Scott). Both of these women were like mother's , guiding me , supporting me and loving me. To this day,50 years later they are still in my life.I had a very difficult life as a young girl and they were always walking the hard journey with me. Can you be a BVM and still be a mother , yes you can.They both taught me in Santa Barbara at Bishop High School. Always in my heart not enough words to thank them for being loving, kind women to a little, 9th grader, Love, Patti

Vicki Grorud
I am helping to find former Sisters who taught at St Clare in Portland, Oregan. St Clare is celebrating its Centenial this August 2013. How do I find Sisters who have passed from the 1960s and on? I am trying to find information on Sister Adelma Burke who taught at St Clare untill 1930; and, Sister Joseph Benedict Byrne who taught from 1953 to 1954 and I think she died 1984. There are many more. So how can I find obituaries from those times? Thank you, Vicki Grorud

patricia zamora
Actually the BVM's finished raising me and helped guide my life as a young girl. While many of these special women I do I see I keep them close to my heart Sr. Diane O'Donnel (Joanella), Sr. Joseph Ellen( Alice Scott) These women were pivitol to my ability to become a strong independent women. I was in the 9th grade when I found out I was adopted, it was a difficult time and they were my supporters , my advocates and to this day I still contact them and visit them in Chicago. I realize what a difference a Catholic school education after one goes to a public school, I felt much more prepared. I will always be indebted to these women for being my role model. Patti Zamora (Acosta ) Bishop Garcia Diego High School Class of 1965

Mary Gabbert (Sweeney)
Is Sr. Mary Lauren (Vivian Wilson) alive? She taught me in Rapid City, SD. She prepared me for 1st Holy Communion 50 years ago in Rapid City's New Cathedral. Special Mass on May 7. 2013 for our communion class of 1963!

Kathy Thomas
In the 60s, I attended St Jerome grade school. For 1st,2nd,and 3rd grade I had Sr.. Clemento for class. She was also the music and choir teacher. Wondering if she is still alive...Thanks

Carol Imhoff
We at St. Patrick's School in Carlsbad CA are going to be celebration our 50th anniversary and would like to make some costumes for "Sisters BVM," and need a pattern for the headress warn in the mid 60s. The dress, apron and cape are no problem, but the part of the headress that stood above the head is giving us problems, and I was wondering if you could help us. Thank you Carol I.

Marlene Harrington Krof
I am most grateful to all the Sisters of Charity BVM. for my catholic education starting in 1943-1952 at Our Lady of Lourdes in Chicago to 1953-1954 at Our Lady of Angels Academy, Clinton, IA. I remember each and everyone of them with a smile. My dad kept every one of my report cards along with the "Receipt for Tuition" for each year. My first teacher was Sister Mary Floricita,B.V.M. and I will never forget her loving and caring nature along with her upbeat personality that made learning at that early age a happy one that includes many happy memories. Sister Mary Janice B.V.M. was our prefect at Our Lady of Angels Academy who could and did so much for us in our first experience of dorm life. She could even cut hair! My thanks go out to each and every one of the sisters that touched my life. My journey has been a good one and I owe that to all of the sisters that touched my life. God Bless.

Suzanne Slade Wischmann
I attended St. Agnes elementary school in Phoenix, AZ and was taught by the BVM's for seven years. My seventh grade teacher was Sister Madonna Mary, and she completely changed the way I thought of sisters. She would get outside and play kickball with her students; as well as teaching us about our Lord and Savior. I wanted to become a sister just like her. Instead I married and had three daughters, but I did become an elementary teacher and have taught CCD for 21 years and still remember her kindly. Thank you, Sister Madonna Mary, and all my elementary teachers for instilling in me my great love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Bless all of you for your dedication and love of your students.

Roberta Velez
I bought a copy of a book written by Sister Mary Christine Athans titled "In Quest of the Jewish Mary". It is beautifully written. Quoting Elizabeth Johnson "This book opens up new windows of immagination. Inviting the reader to pray to God with the Jewish Mary". I highly recommend it and hope that every former student of a BVM can have the chance to purchase and read the book.

Mary Taylor
My deepest gratitude to the Order and my wonderful, smart, kind teachers at Mundelein who opened their minds and hearts to this Lutheran girl and gave me a chance at a real education, in turn, opened to me a new life. Special thanksgiving for the life of Sr. Joan Frances Crowley who was a model of compassion for me and lives in my heart still. I've had much school since then, but no better teachers.

Robert J. Voss
i attended St. Francis Xavier Elementary School 1960 - 1968. taught by the BVM nuns. best education in catholic church, the best friends of my life. thank you. ST. Louis,Mo.

Joe Conboy
I was taught by the BVM order at Our Lady of Loretto grammar school in Hempstead, NY. I appreciate the education and religious values I learned in those formative years. I was interested in any history related to the school. The parish still exists. So much has changed since then. I still have many fond memories of the dedicated sisters who taught me back then. I Am truly blessed to have had this experience.tLife was simpler. I am very grateful that my parents decided to enroll me in this school.

Donna Lamoureux
I wish I could attend the services for Sister Mary St. Eulalia, my beloved first grade teacher at St. Dorothy in Chicago. Last year, I had a wonderful visit with her and Sister Mary Catherina, my second grade teacher. These wonderful women greatly influenced my life. I did become a Dominican Sister and currently am finishing my 44th year in Catholic Education. God bless Sister Mary St. Eulalia with Peace and Sister Mary Catherina with continued health. I'll visit in the spring. I love you.

Tom Castrop
The BVM sisters taught me for my last four years of grade school at St Catherines in Hickman Mills Missouri during the late 1950s.( now south Kansas City). I remember Sister Mary Ellen Therese, Sister Rosamunda, Sister St. Amelia. There were a couple of others whose names I have forgotten.They had their hands full with me, but they were all very positive influences on me. Seeing this web site has brought back a lot of good memories. I remember them as devoted ladies enjoying their involvement with the kids. I always think about them during the world series every fall; we never missed a game, they brought the TVs into our class rooms every year. Thanks so much for all you did.

Monica Lynch
Greetings to Sr. Bertha Fox...

Terry Dean
Just a big Thank You for your teaching order. I graduated from St. Anne's grammer school, Santa Ana,CA. in 1955 after attending 1st thru 8th grades. Then from Mater Dei HS, also in Santa Ana. Thanks to all of my BVM teachers for building my faith. We, Patricia and I now live in Arkansas in St. Anne's parish. The world is shrinking.

Gerald E. Nora
I would like to make a donation in honor of two sisters who taught me at St. Ita's in Chicago between 1957-62: Sisters Rosimund and Leocadia. Sister Rosimund was very young at that time, and I would be delighted to learn that she is still with you. Otherwise, I would like to know whatever you could tell me about these good women.

Teri O'Brien
I was a St Paul's girl, in San Francisco, and have the utmost respect and love for the Sisters who were part of that amazing community. Thank you. On a side note, is there any recording of the Hodie? It is still sung at. The Candlelighting at St Paul's, but I am too far away to attend. The Hodie remains one of my favorite songs.


Sr. Mary Antonia, FSGM
I am originally from El Monte, CA. I recently learned about the death of one of your sisters, Sr. Georgia Taylor. She was the Religious Ed. director at my parish. I was one of the few public school kids who was sent to CCD classes every single year for about a decade,whether I wanted to or not. I remember Sister fondly and am thankful for her witness as a religious. Her example inspired me to start thinking about becoming a sister as a young teenager. I entered the convent at 25 and have been a member of my Franciscan congregation for 8 years now. I have always attributed to Sr. Georgia a special role in my vocation. She helped to plant the seed. I am sorry for your loss, but I rejoice with you as well. She has gone to meet the Bridegroom. God bless you Sisters. Thank you for the gift you are to the Church. May the Lord continue to keep us united to himself and to his Church. In the Love of Christ, Sr. M. Antonia Pinon, FSGM

Eileen Pritting
I would like to say hello and send congratulations to Sister Rosalie Locati who taught my children at St. Gerard's School, Great Falls, MT in the early 70's. I hope you are well - you look great in your photo in the Helena Diocesan Newspaper. I am now living with my youngest daughter, Jacquie, and her spouse. The other children are scattered across the U. S. Susan and Joseph in the Seattle area, Jeanette in South Carolina and Emily in Helena, MT. I think about our wonderful times at St. Gerard's Parish and thank you for being a part of our lives. Eileen Pritting

Regina (Thurston) Ruggiero
I attended St. Thomas the Apostle, W. Hempstead, NY from 1955-1963, as did my brother, James one year ahead and sister, Patricia one year behind. Just thought I'd drop a line to say hello and if there's any school reunions, please keep me informed. The nuns ran a very strict school back then, as I recall, and you could hear a pin drop in a classroom of 50 pupils. After reading your info about the school's beginnings, which was very interesting, I was surprised to see our teachers were pretty young themselves. I don't remember any names, but do remember Sr. Mary Myles. Thank you!

Kathy (Keller) Salvi
Thank you to All the heroic sisters of the BVM order who taught us at Carmel Catholic in Mundelein! I pray at holy mass for the order and for all who taught me living and deceased. I remember with great fondness Srs. Mary Richard Therese, Lorraine, Maureen, Marguerite, Grace and So many other fine sisters. I look forward with great joy attending the gala honoring the BVM order tonight. Again, thank you!

Paul M. Gustafson
My aunt is the late Sr. Elizabeth Sprung, aka Sr. Petrus. She taught at Prince of Peace in Clinton, Regina in Iowa City, and Assumption in Davenport. She retired several years ago to Mt. Carmel, where she passed away, and is buried. Thank you for giving her such a great life, and for taking care of her when the time came. God Bless You All !!!

Sandra W. Ewalt
My Aunt was Sister Mary St. Edna and I would like to know any information you have on her life. She passed away on April 14, 1982 at the convent in Dubuque, Iowa. I would like to visit her resting place and would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you Sandy

Helen Ann Herman/Driscoll
I was taught by BVM's at St.Peter's in Antioch,Illinois in 50's. There was a wonder nun, Sr.Mary Nora (Guerin) whom I kept in touch with when she taught at WIlmot, WI and Milwaukee. She was ill for a while and I lost touch with her. Any info you could give me would be most appreciated. Sr. Lorraine, Sr. Firmina, Sr.Joseph were all super teachers/ wonderful individuals who had a most positive influence on me Bless all Sisters of Charity,BVM who touch my life years ago and will never be forgotten.

June Gregor Taylor
Graduate 1956 from St. Mary High School in Chicago

Father Jim Modeen
I was educated by BVM's in De Kalb Illinois from 1952-60. I kept in touch with a couple of the sisters who taught me after I was ordained in 1981 and visited Sr. Rose Nash on a couple of occasions before her passing. I am semi retired after 20 years as a hospital chaplain. I live with my 96 year old mother here in Tucson

Linda Peiffer
Received the word that Sister Virginia Hughes would be celebrating her diamond jubilee and send a big CONGRATULATIONS! I was a pupil of Stister Virginia's at St. James School in Washington, IA. Thank you, sister for your work in teaching. I remember especially geography in 5th grade - studying Africa and about the Great Rift Valley. I took a vacation in Africa and when our driver said this area is the part of the Great Rift Valley - It took me back to 5th grade. So just to let you know Sister Virginia, yes what you taught stays with us. thanks you again.

Dc. Frank Randazzo, sfo
I have fond memories of the BVM's going all the way back to the 1950's. That makes me 75 this coming August 20th. I could make a list of names but it would take me quite a bit of time. So collectively, I want to thank the many BVM's for their love of God and love for those of us they have served quite well. My congratulations to this years jubilarins.

May God continue to shed his loving graces to the whole congregation of BVM sisters.

Nancy (Dobrocki) Peistrup
May I offer congratulations to Sister Mary Pat(St. Thomas) Haley on her 60th year. I was a student of hers at St. Tarcissus and an 8th grade graduate in 1960. May God Bless you.

John J. Serio, SDB
Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to all the BVMs, especially those at the Motherhouse complex in Dubuque. A prayer for all of you on this day, especially my good friends SM Angela Buser, Sr. Gertrude Ann Sullivan and all those who served at St. Thomas the Apostle, W. Hempstead, NY.

Robert Sammon
I have been trying to find out more about the BVM involvement on Nuns on the Bus and which sisters are participating.

Janet L. Karlson
Informative & well made internet sight.

Tyler Hedden
My great aunt was a BVM Sister, Sr. Margaret Kretchmar. I would like to know more about all the places she lived during her years of service. I miss coming to Dubuque to see her as it was a peaceful and serene setting.

Constance Duncan Birmingham
Thanks for all you do. I'm eager to hear when Nuns on the Bus will be in Cedar Rapids!

Martin Teufel
I was taught by the BVMs At Our Lady Of Lourdes grammar school in Chicago, 2nd grade through 8th. I graduated from there in 1964. I just want to let you that I received a great education from those marvelous sisters! I am sure most of them are with the Lord by now, but I will always remember them in my thoughts and heart. God bless all of you. Martin Teufel

Betty Thompson
We thought you might like to know that there's a blog post about your beloved Sister Dot Feehan at . This blog is related to the Rally in Solidarity with Catholic Sisters that we're holding on Tuesday, May 29 (first day of LCWR board meeting), 11:30-1:30, near the Vatican Embassy in Washington, DC. Join us if you can! And feel free to spread the word and link to us at Sister Dot is a tremendous personal inspiration for me and gives me courage on this issue and on so much else. Betty Thompson

Fran Clem
Catholic education made me who I am today. I am grateful for the BVM's who taught me at Sacred Heart school in Rock Island Illinois back in the '50s. Thank you Sr. Mary Roy, Sr. Mary Joan, Sr. Dorothy Louise.

Robert Sammon
I saw the picture of Sr. Helen Maher Garvey BVM and Sr. Mary Hughes, OP on your website. They are both past presidents of LCWR. Sister Helen attended my pariah grammar school in Hempstead, NY and later became principal. My mother was her secretary. Mary Hughes and I worked together for many years as directors of a camp for the developmentally disabled children at the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp in NY. My family all enjoyed the presentation on the American sisters at Ellis Island - especially seeing Sr. Gayle Brabec in one of the clips. Know that I am with you on your journey with the LCWR and the Vatican. The BVM's influenced my mission as a Catholic high school teacher, Sister Mary McCauley being the most important. Please tell the Vatican there is no need for discussion - we are happy with our American Religious Women as they are!

George P Brown
I often wordered about Sister Eileen. I am happy to know she lived a long life. She certainly taught me all the things I needed to be succesful. She taught me at St Mathew in Phoenix. Thank you Sister.

Thank you for this wonderful site. I was taught by many wonderful women of God who did not hesitate to love, share of themselves and educate. Sister, Mary Josia, Mary Kevin Patrick of Holy Cross school in Chicago were wonderful. I hold memories of them closely and I pray that the Lord will continue to keep them close to his heart.

Jean Hald Mammone
wonderful years with the BVMs at OLL in Hempstead from 1951 1959...I especially remember Sister Mary Helene as my 6th grade teacher....

Diane Lauletta
I would like to send a prayer for the Sisters Mary James Louis, Sister Mary Rose, Sister Mary Etienne, who taught me at Our Lady Help of Christians School in Chicago. Bless them as they repose in Heaven. This was in the early to mid sixties.

Jack Gray
I am 85. I am a convert to the Catholic Church because the Sisters of the BVM showed me how to pray when I was a Protestant kid in a Catholic school 75 years ago. The BVMs are named in my estate.

Kelsea English
Thank you for welcoming all of the RAs from Clarke University today. I personally enjoyed visiting with a couple of the sisters during lunch, and it was very interesting to learn about Clarke's roots. I hope to have the opportunity to spend time with all of you again!

To the beautiful angel from Mt Carmel who helped us at Younkers today, our thoughts and prayers will be with you this next week as you have your surgery. You were a ray of sunshine for me & my fiance and know that you are a gift & inspiration straight from God. God Bless you and Merry Christmas to you & all of the Sisters. We will always remember your kindness. Take care, Cindy & Brian

Luis A. Galvez
Thank you for your wonderful teaching. I was greatly inspired to become a musician as a result of Sr.Mary Emilissa Schutte at Our Lady of Lourdes School Chicago. I continue my music to this day in her memory and in honor of the great teaching order that guided many children to successful careers. God bless you!

Mary Catherine Creagh
I would like to thank the wonderful sisters who sent their prayer requests to my aunt, Sr. Virginia M. Healy, so that a kidney can be found for me. The response was overwhelming! God bless you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Arlene Holder
I was a seminary student at UDTS, I worked at Mount Carmel (1997-1999) as a Nurse Assistant while at UDTS, I am also a Native American from Arizona. I really enjoyed my employment with the Sisters and enjoyed spending time with them. At one time my sister came to visit me from AZ and worked for a short time at Mount Carmel. She was loved by the Sisters.

Rhonda Radetzki
I am so happy to know that Sister Mary Ann Zollman has such a tender role as she is the singlemost kindhearted personification of Christ's love I have ever met. My life is truly changed because of the footprints she has left on my heart and the impact she has had on my walk with God, I love her and was very happy to see her smiling face reaching out to underpriveledged just as Jesus would have her do. She is amazing and you are truly blessed to have her as your President.

Therese Hanzelka Silvestri
The BVM Sisters taught in my home town of Tama, Iowa. I would like to know if any of them are still living. I especially remember Sister Mary Anita Therese who taught kindergarten 1950-51. She was my brother Paul's teacher.

Tracey Listug
I am very heartened by your policy on sexual abuse. If only society at-large could uphold the relatively neutral and non-judgmental concepts of "accuser" and "accused" during the time of information gathering. Thank you for your just precepts, Sisters.

Sarah Miller-Jacobs
I was curious,do you sponser any retreats for women? I would also like to say "Hello!" to Sr. MaryAnn Zollman. You were a blessing to be with in class when I attended Clarke. I hope you are excelling in everything you are currently doing. God Bless.

Elizabeth M. Petty
My prayers are with the BVM community as I remember Sr. Marguerite Neumann. Sr. Marguerite was truly a remarkable woman who inspired me with her passion for social justice and who touched me with her compassion. She was a gifted teacher and a generous mentor. She challenged me to think deeply and to consider broader implications of scientific discovery. She helped me embrace the connection between spirituality and science. I will be forever grateful for all she gave me within and beyond the classroom. She was a gift in my education and I will treasure her memories. My heartfelt wishes and prayers to all who were touched by Sr. Marguerite.

Dana Dolan Miller
My prayers are with you all. My aunt, Sr Mary Maurice will be missed on earth and greatly welcomed by her King!Peace. "Kathy Dolan"

Edward P. Witman
In reply to the query of William Bullwinkle re: Sr. Mary Danetta Buser who taught at Our Lady of Loretto, Hempstead, NY in the '50s. Sr.M. Danetta did indeed teach there in those years; she taught me in the 5th grade; I still have my report cards to prove it!. Other sisters at OLL in that era were: Sr.Mary Helene, SR. M.Michealita, Sr. M. Lilamae (Principal,)Sr. M. Jean Carla, Sr. Mary Ann Cathlin, and Sr. M Florenze. Sr. Mary Bertha was Principal for most of those years, precedinng SR. Lilamae. I attended from 1951 to 1959, and then went on to Chaminade HS, and Georgetown U. and Forhdam for my Ph.D. in Philosophy. If you want to reconnect please contact me at: Ed Witman, 108 Ridge Dr., Toms River, NJ, 08753. Phone 7322 929-8631

Kevin Kennedy
On the occassion of the 75th Anniv of St. Gregory the Great Parish in Bellerose, NY, I'd like to remember and thank those sisters of BVM who helped make many graduating classes the fine people we are today.

Eileen Kelly-Gallagher
I would love to get in touch with my former elementary school teacher, Sister Mary Alice Ann, who taught at Our Lady Help of Christians School in Chicago, Illinois in the early sixties. I think she was later transferred to California. She was such a great teacher and a lot of fun. I still miss her and think of her often.

Kelly Rogers-Armstrong
I also really loved Sr. Remi and her Joy Room at St. Francis Xavier/Phoenix AZ in 1968. I hope she's still around-was a very sweet teacher, who really cared about us learning, yet in a joyful, positive way.

Margaret (Wollitz) Tomlinson
Happy greetings to all! As an alumna of Holy Redeemer School in Montrose, CA and Bellarmine-Jefferson HS in Burbank, CA, I would like to thank all my teaches for their loving/caring instruction. It was the best part of my life. Hope to keep in touch, now that I've found you again. Please pray for my family. We have lost many from the WWII generation in the last five years. Thanks so much. Margaret Anne (Wollitz) Tomlinson

Rabbi Robert & Dawn Rosen
special prayers for Sr Lurana Cranny special prayers for Sr Anne Dolan, Sr Julia Acosta, Sr Lorriane Baller, Sr Diane O'Donnell, Sr Helen Jeanne Hurley, Sr Kate Keating, Sr Dorothy Gaffney, etc.

Nancy Roth Jackelen
I attended Holy Angels Academy in Milwauke, Wisconsin dureing of my favorite sisters who taught Western Civilization History class....her name was Sr. Jean Loreta(hopefully I think was her given name)-She was just the greatest teacher...and instilled me a love for history! My Catholic education was such a blessing and excellent learning experience thanks to all the dedicated sisters who taught me...Forever, I will be indebted for this opportunity and blessing!!

I have such fond memories of her....would love to know more on her life and pictures if possible...

thank you so much Nancy Roth Jackelen

Corliss Ann Hinton
My heart has broken into many pieces: My WONDERFUL second grade teacher at Holy Cross; Sister Mary Immacula, has been called home by our Lord. She was the VERY first person to teach me how to LOVE Jesus Christ. I too became a teacher. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SISTER MARY IMMACULA :) PLEASE keep me in your prayers until we meet again in Paradise.

Mary Noonan
I just learned of the passing of Sister Diane M. Barabe, BVM (Damaris). She touched my life through teaching (Holy Family H.S., Glendale CA). My prayers are with the community of family and friends.

Pat Tiess
My memories of Sr. Isabella will remain dear to me always. I loved being a member of the choir at Presentation Grade School in Chicago in the 1950' was great fun and she helped me through some difficult times. I was fortunate to see her at the reunion in 2003. She has always remained one who most influenced my life to love music and teaching. Thank you Sister and rest in peace. You will be missed... and never forgotten. Pat

David Genelly
I am a product of a Catholic School education-- specifically Our Lady of Lourders in Chicago. Over the years I have thought fondly of the teachers I had there-- three nuns in particular-- Sister Mary Bernadine, Sister Mary Jane Joseph and Sister Mary Jean Francis. I have no idea whther they are still alive, or whther they continued on with the BVM community over the years. Nonetheless, I would like to get in touch with them and give them my thanks for their sacrifice and love when I was a little boy eager to learn as much as I can. ( I went from Loyola University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors to Gerogetown University Law School where I was on the Law Journal. Today I practice law in Chicago. In any event, if possible, could you point me in the right direction to contacting these wonderful women if they are still alive. If they have passed on, it would be helpful knowing this as well. My wife and I would like to make a bequest in their honor if this is the case. Thanks you very much for your help.

Pat Claussen
Sr. Isabella Toher was such a great person. With tears streaming down my face, I know that she is now with her precious siblings with LiL' Mo and K.T., too. They will be forever in our hearts and minds and are truly missed beyond words. Rest in Peace, my dear friends and thank you for gracing our lives. Love always, Pat Claussen

William Bullwinkel
I attended Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead NY from 1951 to 1960. I recently read an obit about Sister Mary Danetta Buser in our diocese newspaper and was wondering what name she went by at that time. I cannot remember a Sister Mary Danetta. I have fond memories of OLL and the wonderful BVM nuns who taught me there. Does anyone know what her name was at OLL?? Are there any other Sisters out there that taught at OLL in the '50s??

Susie Petitti Tilton
I was a student in the 70's at North Catholic in CLinton, Iowa. Sister Immacula was my 2nd grade teacher, and also was talked into babysitting my 4 brothers and sisters and I when my parents went out of town. That would take a special gift from God! Many years later in Memphis, TN our paths crossed again and she attended my daughters confirmation. I feel very blessed to have known her both as a child and as an adult. She was always special to my family. I will miss her emails.

MarySue McClaskey Ercolani
On behalf of the McClaskey Family, originating in Mercier, Ks, I would like to offer our condolences to the Family of Sister M. Danetta Buser. During my childhood days I remember the Sisters coming to visit their parents, Dan and Ida. The nuns would stop in for a visit with my mother, Thelma. Ida and my mother were good friends. I also recall Ida crocheted a small doily with blue ribbon laced in the piece with a medal of the BVM. I wore this pinned on my slip on my wedding day. What good memories of a wonderful, caring family.

Linda McBride
Thanks to eveyone at Mount Carmel for their hospitality this past weekend. I was part of the Mundelein/St. Mary's group even though I'm an Immaculata grad. It was nice to see old friends and to see some of the new ones I had met when the Immaculata group came in October. Thanks again to Diane, Shirley and their helpers and Sr. Mary Ann and all the Sisters for a wonderful time.

Tim Ivers
Saddened to read of the passing of Sister Margaret Dolan (Mary Myles). She was a great teacher and person. We learned a lot from her at Our Lady of Loretto in Hempstead NY in the 1940s.

JP Dougherty
Was just wondering about some wonderful teachers from my long ago school days in Lincoln, Illinois at ST.PATRICK'S and CARROLL CATHOLIC ... I always liked nuns and their mystery and power. at least for a young student .

Amy Dill
I wanted to thank several people for their kindness shown to me and my family members while attending my aunts funeral on Monday. Sister Margaret Dolan was my great aunt who obviously touched so many lives. The stories you all shared with us were so wonderful to hear! An enormous thanks to Sister Yvonne, Deb Doyle, and Angela Link for your hospitality and friendship. It was an amazing day for me to meet so many gracious and kind women! I hope to visit again! Sister Anne Marie Dolan, a distant cousin, is residing there and I feel great knowing she is well cared for. Your staff is amazing and extremely welcoming. Thank you! Amy

Robert Bauer
I am moved to write today by the news of the passing of Sister Therese Beck. I had the priveledge of being one of her 7th grade students at St. Ferdinand School in Chicago, and for the past 42 years she has retained her spot in my heart as my all-time favorite teacher. She was the driving force behind my love of science - a passion that still burns bright. Rest in peace my dear teacher. I will never forget you.

Frances Tamulonis Nace
I am thrilled to be in touch again! My years (8) with the BVM's are strength to my faith...good memories and deep gratitude. Blessings to all. Frances

Mary Jane Holland Baumgarten
Just a note to extend to you the love of many the were taught by Sister Mary Luanne at Cathedral High School in Rapid City SD. She was the most cheer full of the many teachers that I had over the year. Some years ago, Sister had an article in a magazine and I was able to get in touch with her and we caught up at the time as to where many of the other Nun's were. What a joy it was to hear from her. May she rest in Peace and know that she was loved by many. Thank you for all you do. Mary Jane Holland-Baumgarten

Peter Cirona
There is a very special sister who taught in the 1950s and 1960s at St. Thomas the Apostle, West Hempstead. Her religious name was Sr. Mary Serenus. She was my teacher for the 3rd grade in 1965-66. She was a woman of great faith and kindness. She truly understood young children and came to school every single day with an enormous amount of kindness and love for her students. Her class was probably the highlight of my elementary school career. I cannot find her on your Web site and I assume she has passed on. She reverted to her birth name in 1967 but I do not remember it. I would love to know more about her and I would like to include her in my prayers. Many thanks and God bless you all.

Fr. John Serio, SDB
It's Thanksgiving season. As we thank God for our many gifts, I thank God for the BVMs who educated, prayed and built relationships with us at St. Thomas the Apostle, W. Hempstead NY. Special thanks to those Sisters who served, and are still alive, including: Principals: Sisters Margaret Dolan, Mary Angela Buser, Mary McCauley, Gracita Daly. Teachers: Sisters Helen Maher Garvey, Gertude Ann Sullivan, Ann DeNicolo, Colleen McGinnity, Anne Kendall, Ann Marie McKenna, Gayle Brabec, Anne Buckley, Mary Therese von Holdt, Margaret McCullough, Otilie Sana, Kathleen Franklin, Bette Gambonini, Dee Myers, Cindy Sullivan, Mary Wolfe, Mary Veronique, Geneve Moran, Pat Thalhuber, Pat Galhouse - and sincere apologies if anyone was overlooked.

And a special prayerful remembrance for those Sisters who have entered eternal life, including my good friends Sisters Maureen Whalen, Mary Ancile Carton and Ella Marie Wright (Bonnie).

With much gratitude and love for the (largely unseen) good that has been done for so many of us.

Monta May
I just learned that Sister Blanche passed away a few days ago. I wanted to express my sadness at her passing, but my joy at having known her and seen her amazing artwork.

I saw Sr. Blanche's artwork and met her during a gallery exhibit featuring her work at Saint Mary's University years ago. The work was inspirational, as was she. The strong, vibrant pieces she created, her mastery of color and image, and her graciousness in speaking with me about her art practice and its inspirations have stayed with me as I have built my art practice.

rabbi bob & dawn rosen
visited mt carmel on Sunday Oct. 10th, Monday Oct 11th Rabbi Bob visited the mt carmel cemetery and said prayers over the graves/pictures were taken of our visit. The BVM's are very important to Rabbi Bob & Dawn Rosen

jerome woynerowski
I started and ended comments when I realized that all of my teachers are dead. But I want to remember them all and thank the BVMs for starting me on a wonderful educational path that led me to 2 Master's degrees and a 46 year in education as a high school teacher and college professor. Bless these wonderful women: SM Theophilus Mary Ellen Kelly SM Vincita Groff SM Romanus SM St. Agatha SM Alicia SM St. Lolita SM de Chantal SM Frances Clare

I was privileged to keep in touch with Mary Ellen, de Chantal, and Franny Clare through visits and communications until their deaths. I wonder about SM Henry Clare(LaFranchise) and SM St. Patricia. I wonder how large the community is now and want all of you to know how grateful I am for what you have given me.

Jerome Woynerowski Sacred Heart, Chicago 1956

Kyambadde Richard
i have really be inspired with your ministry and i love it so much i ask the heavenly father to bless you richly and continue providing you. am a little young fellow 20 years but lost both mother and father am currently in high school and i feel so good when given a push God bless you.

Wilma souza Boudreau
Dear Sister Eileen, I read in the Hawaii Catholic Herald that you were celebrating your 75th Anniversary. Congratulations on a very special accomplishment. You may not remember me, but, I was your pupil (Wilma Souza at St. Catherine's Church in Kauai, Hawaii. I also had two sisters (Maureen and Duanne )and four brothers (Leo,Maurice, Duane and Gareth.) My father was Bill Souza, a teacher at Kapaa School. About two weeks ago, I was able to walk through your convent (that is now unoccupied ). It brought back many memories. The books that you read and studied are still intact on the bookshelves. I thought of you and all of the other wonderful nuns that instructed us for so many years. Thank you again for your dedication and God Bless you. Aloha and Love Wilma Souza Boudreau

Rob C.
Thank you again, sisters; I hope that I can repay the kindness with interest that you hath shown me.

Lauira Macias
I always remember fondly my first grade teacher, Sister Mary Francis Cabrini who instilled in me a love of learning at St. Francis Xavier Elementary School in Phoenix. I also attended Xavier High with great appreciation. I would like to know what happened to Sister Mary Frances Cabrini and if possible how to reach her.

Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC
Happy 100th Birthday to Sister Mary Jocile Valliere! May you enjoy the blessings of a long life well-lived in joyful service to others. It was a joy to work with you and your Sisters at O'Hara in Kansas City.

Ron Purcell
When I was a seminarian @ Loras in the early 80's I developed a great friendship with Sr. Mary St Clare Sullivan and have to this day some great correspondance. Are there any photos or writings of or about this wonderful person. I would like to copy her letters and share them with the motherhouse.

Kathy DeLucia Hunter
. Eileen Gallen was the best principal...St, Matthews Phx Ariz 1962! We loved her!! Our prom had orchids from Hawaii. loved her! K Hawaii. I was best

Kathy Hunter
Sr. Mary St. Xavier my 4th grade teacher and dear friend of our family, who also was in the Chicago Our Lady o Angel fire 1958. Now deceased would like to visit her grave. Is she in Mt Carmel Cemetery? I will be in the area in Oct. Thank You Kathy

Gerri Campbell
I have such fond memories of the BVM Sisters who lived and ministred at St Thomas Parish in West Hempstead,NY. Especially Sr. Colleen & Sr. Ann, as well as Sr. Bonnie. Hope Sr, Ann & Sr. Colleen are doing well. I am thankful that they were a part of my faith journey

randy peters
friend of sister marina for over 20 years. My family will miss her.

David and Wendy McGrath
We were very sorry to learn of the passing of Sister Regina. We made two visits to Mt. Carmel for the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Rosemary Sage in 2008 and for her funeral the following year. We accompanied her sister, Jane Russell. Jane shared notes she received from Sister Regina and we loved her delicious humor. While we are saddened by her death, we are glad she had a fairly long and a very productive life and is again with her sister Margaret and probably driving a tractor to plow the fields of heaven. Thank you for all the good works of the BVMs on our behalf. her funeral the following year. Both years we were recipients of the hospitality and warmth of Mt. Carmel's residents and staff.

Denise Potter
I just received my new Salt and my Aunt Mary Wolfe was in the Salt Briefs. I knew she was moving and am glad to know she made it. Her volunteer work was a strong influence in my doing volunteer work. Although we seldom got to see each other over the years she is never far from my thoughts. I'll be sure to save this for everyone to see. Love you Aunt Mary! Larry & Denise

Sheila Perry
My great-grandfather, Daniel Doyle, worked for the Sisters of Charity at St. Joseph's Convent shortly after the civil war. He was a coachman and handyman there. He says that he worked there for about 17-18 years. It was great seeing the pictures of where he worked. He said that he worked there when they were in the country or prairie. Once they moved into Dubuque he no longer worked there.

Nancy Diaz
Lets pray for world to become a better place.

Nancy Turner
Am interested in knowing status of any of the sisters who taught at Xavier High in Phoenix 1963-1965. I think of them often and am grateful to have been taught by them. I'm especially grateful to Sister Paul Anthony and Sister Celestine for my education in science and math, and to Sister Ann Richard and John Raymond for my instruction in Spanish -- and the summer 1965 trip to study at the University of Salamanca with about 15 Xavierites and a couple of sisters as chaperones. I eventually majored and received a BA in Spanish at NAU. I had a great education from Xavier (and prior to that at Corvallis High in Studio City, CA). I'm a grad of Xavier Prep 1965.

luisa desiano perez
I attended Our Lady of Loretto in hempstead,N.Y in the early 1960's.. I had one very wonderful sister for 2 grades .1st and 3rd.She was wonderful ~I had a major surgery and was in a hospital in Manhattan Sister came to see me along with two other nuns. Sister Mary ST.Louise and ST.Mary Nickodemus~ all wonderful ~ but sister Mary Myrna will always hold a special place in my heart .Is there any information you could give me about her. thank you Louise Desiano Perez

deinda fonseca-reddick
just wondering when did Sister Mary Georgelle pass away? My thoughts and prayers are with her.

Emanuel Williams
I had the sisters for the first half (and the best half) of my elementary education.(St. Dominic School)

deinda reddick
I was a student of Sister Mary Georgelle at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Rock Island, Illinois between the years of 1968-69, and she was also my religion teacher from 69-70. I loved her dearly. She was a sweet, kind soul, which was just what a child like me needed at the time. I never forgot her kind words and advice. I am almost 48 years old, and I just told my 10 year old daughter about my "sister Georgelle" last night. That prompted me to try to look her up, which brought me to this site. I am sorry to hear that she has passed on, but I know that the great person she was on earth, she was welcomed into heaven. What an amazing lady, and what a gift to me when I so much needed one. Thank you forever, Sister Georgelle, my teacher and my friend.

Dawn (Oldham) Barnard
Sr. Charmaine touched many peoples lives. Sr. Charmaine taught me at LaSalle High School. I often think of Sr. Charmaine and Sr. John Thomas with admiration and appreciation for dedicating their lives to teaching us all the importance of life long learning. I am sorry that I will not be able to travel to Iowa to pay my respects, but you will all be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

Patty Shea Sack
This morning, my thoughts are with all those present to honor the life of Sister Kyran Shea, my Aunt Margaret. She was so important in my life, as she returned to Wyoming when she could and we always had a wonderful visit. Her service to others, in Illinois, Washington, California and Wyoming was remarkable. I meet people often who remember her, her kind, gentle spirit. The family that is with you today and the family that couldn't be there loved and will miss her.

Jack Goodwin
It is with profound regret that I received notice today of the passing of Sister Kyran Shea.In August of 1939 she professed her vows and in September of 1939 she became my third grade teacher at St. Phillip's Parish in San Francisco. We have remained close friends since. In ten out of the last fourteen years I have made it a point to visit Sister in Dubuque and I looked forward to each trip with joy.She was a wonderful part of my life and I am certain there were many more lives she touched.I visited her last May and was planning to return to Dubuque in April. Kyran was my dearest memory of sixteen years of education.The last time we were together she wanted to go to Chapel with me and hand in hand we prayed The Memorare', it was third grade all over again. She is probably the most excited right now to be in the arms of Our Lord. I loved this woman dearly and I thank God that I had the opportunity to be her good friend.I know for sure that she loved me as well.

Maura Kalafut
I would like to add myself to Margaret Anne's facebook page through BVM site. She is my maternal aunt. BTW, and FYI, our family attends OLPH in Chattanooga - long-time members still reminisce (sp?) about the years of teaching and service that the BVM's dedicated to the parish.

Tammy (Cameron) Maher
Hello to Srs. Muriel, Nan & Maureen from California! SV continues to thrive and grow. Please pray for us and we will remember you all in our prayers! +JMJ

Frances Armstrong
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Sr. Joan Francis Crowley. "JF" was an exceptional woman, sister, teacher and friend. I have many fond memories of her classes and just her presence on campus at Mundelein College. I have kept in touch with her for 26 years especially around Christmas time. I was sorry to have missed our 25 year class reunion (1983) in 2008. I will surely miss her and she will always be part of my prayers as will many of the BVM sisters whom I remember fondly. Frances (Ciaccio) Armstrong Carol Stream, IL

Rabbi Robert & Dawn Rosen
Send all of our love and friendship to the following Sisters:Julia Acosta, Lorraine Baller, Mary Catherine Beckman, Anne Buckley, Lurana Cranny, Anne Marie Dolan, Dorothy Gaffney, Helen Jeanne Hurley, Kate Keating, Margaret McGinn,Diane O'Donnell, Patricia O'Rourke, Mary Sattgast, Kathleen Sinclair and Fran Wohn

Larry Keller
I just recently learned of the death of Sister Marie Chiuffo, BVM from Sister Jean Fielding, BVM. I was taught by both of these wonderful women at St. Ferdinand's on the Northwest side of Chicago. The BVM's were tremendous influnence in my religious formation and my own particular journey in Catholic education. Sister Marie and I kept up contact until about 2 years ago. I visited her 3 years ago at Mt. Carmel. What a gifted and inspiring teacher she was. I always tried to be the type of teacher that she was. I am now in my 40th year in Catholic secondary education. I have been a prinicpal of for 25 consecutive years in four different Catholic high schools in St. Louis, Chicago, and New Orleans. I am presently in my fifteenth year as principal of St. John Vianney High School. May Sister Marie rest in peace and thank you Sister for your love care and support throughout the years especially during the 59-60 eighth grade year at good ole St. Ferds. May you rest in Peace! Thank you Sister Jean for informing me of Sister Marie's death.

"Adele" Helen Driscoll Haisman
I attended Our Lady of Loretto school in Hempstead, NY in the 50's and early 60's. My Confirmation name is Adele. I picked it because of Sister Mary Adele. She was the music of the heart in our school. I moved right after the start of the summer break in 1962. I was so upset, my mother said there wasn't time for me to run to the school for the chance to say my last good-bye to her. That was almost forty seven years ago, so I would like to say it now. Wherever you are, "Good-bye Sister Adele...thank you for the many warm memories and for letting me borrow your name!"