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Outreach Grants & Scholarships

In keeping with our BVM mission, the community directs a portion of its financial resources toward external ministries. We fund BVM sisters and others who engage in the work of "helping others enjoy freedom in God's steadfast love." To this end, we support a variety of projects and organizations with grants.

Ministry Partnership Grants give financial assistance to projects and organizations with which BVMs have a direct contact through personal involvement with, or personal knowledge of the project or ministry. The grants are given to ministries which carry out BVM values. They provide a means of BVM outreach to others according to Vision and Values Guidelines.

The Hunger Fund assists projects that work for systemic change and/or alleviate hunger or provide emergency hunger relief, especially where women and children benefit, in areas other than the developed world.

Hunger Fund monies usually go abroad through U.S. religious communities which have members working in other countries. Donations have been sent, for example, to

  • purchase food for indigenous children in a school's hostel in Nigeria,
  • feed students who are getting a "last chance" in a school program in Dominica,
  • buy a year's supply of eggs for baking in an orphanage in Guatemala,
  • re-plant crops in a flood-ravaged section of Ghana,
  • help the food budget of a center for street children in the Philippines,
  • provide emergency antibiotics, vitamins, IV fluids and medical provisions for malnourished and abandoned children in Liberia.

The Margaret Mann Fund and Local Needs Fund allow individual BVMs to obtain small cash grants for people in need of emergency assistance. Requests are made for help with expenses like rent, utilities, car repair, food, clothing, shelter, medical needs, funerals.

The Mary Frances Clarke Scholarships for Women enable minority/poor women, 18 years and older, to continue their education through GED, Continuing Education or Degree Programs. Recipients often are seeking education in a service profession like teaching, nursing, social work in order to help others as well as themselves. They are recommended by BVMs who know them, both in the U.S. and abroad.

A sampling of goals:

  • "I want to dedicate myself to working with senior citizens."
  • "I want to take care of people with physical problems."
  • "I have always dreamed about giving back to the community and have longed to attend college."
  • "I want to advance in terms of mainstream culture and education to deepen my leadership knowledge and skills."

The Disaster Fund provides a resource from which to draw in response to emergencies around the world like earthquakes, floods, food and medical needs. Contributions usually go to organizations which are both experienced and proficient in getting help to afflicted areas.