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Vision & Values Guidelines

As Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we experience ourselves as women touched by God's steadfast love. Confident of this love we commit ourselves to becoming free and helping others enjoy freedom in the context of God's love.

We are called to further the mission of Jesus and our foundress Mary Frances Clarke

  • Through works of charity, justice, freedom, and education.
  • Through strong public witness against oppression brought about by unjust political and social structures.
  • Through solidarity with those marginalized by society, especially women and children, by speaking in supportive and non-violent action.

The Margaret Mann Fund and Local Needs Fund allow individual BVMs to obtain small cash grants for people in need of emergency assistance. Requests are made for help with expenses like rent, utilities, car repair, food, clothing, shelter, medical needs, funerals.

Animated by this vision and call, we value and support actions which

  • Empower persons living in poverty
  • Transform structures
  • Have global impact
  • Foster nonviolence
  • Further right relationship with all creation
  • Are collaborative and participative
  • Enable BVMs to continue in ministries which incorporate these goals.

As Sisters of Charity, BVM, we desire to respond to the pressing needs of our time according to our gifts. We trust that God who has begun this work in us will bring it to completion.