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Fragments of Wisdom

Wisdom Pieces: Fragments of the Wisdom of Mary Frances Clarke

by Sister Mary Frances Reis, BVM

These fragments are pieces of wisdom drawn from the sparse writings of BVM founder Mary Frances Clarke—a woman who lived the Word all of her life and whose words reflect the fire of that Word.

You are invited to savor these words, inhaling their power and energy.

  • Gently come into the quiet
  • Breathe slowing a simple mantra of your own
  • Read the selection several times
  • Allow it to touch your imagination and heart
  • Be still
  • Close your time of meditation by asking:
    What was Mary Frances Clarke saying?
    What meaning do her words have for me today?

Mary Frances Clarke's Fragments of Wisdom

Who We Are

They shall frequently call to mind
the name and title of
“Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary,”
with which they are honored,
and endeavor to render themselves worthy of it,
by a true and sincere love of God and their neighbor.

They shall,
above all things
cherish and respect one another,
as true Sisters whom our Lord has united together
in His service by a special profession of charity;
and do their utmost to preserve
a perfect union among themselves.

Article 8, Handwritten Rule, 1845


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