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Mary Francis Clarke Photograph
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BVM Spirituality

Mary Frances ClarkeSpirituality is knowing God in the interconnectedness of all beings, in all relationships, in all of life. Our BVM spirituality is steeped in the legacy left us by our foundress Mary Frances Clarke. Her dedication to following the will of God and to the circle of friends that surrounded her, were at the core of who she was. Contemplation and action are hallmarks of BVM spirituality today. Ours is a 'hands-on' spirituality. We strive to be centered in God while doing what we can to minister to God's people.

Sisters Reflect on BVM Spirituality

BVM Sister "BVM Spirituality is marked by its origins as a circle of friends committed to one another and to mission. There is a genuine acceptance of one another and of diversity."

BVM Sister "Mary Frances Clarke's spirituality is communicated to us in what she did and in letters—this gives to us a picture of a contemplative in action. She sought the will of God in prayer and in the daily events of her life . . . She prayed novenas and unloaded wagons. This gives BVMs a feet on the ground spirituality."

BVM Sister "BVMs cherish a variety of spiritualities impacted by the Gospels, option with the poor, emphasis on women's concerns, Celtic spirituality, labyrinths, ecofeminism, feminism, Hesed, Eucharist in multiple expressions, politics, justice activities, multicultural influences, creation, Universe."

Excerpts from Mary Frances Clarke's Letters

BVM founder Mary Frances Clarke lived the Word all of her life and her words reflect the fire of that Word. Below are excerpts from her letters. Click on image to view in more detail. To learn more of Mary Frances Clarke's spirituality, reflect on Fragments of Wisdom from her letters.