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View photos of, celebrations, ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings of the Sisters of Charity, BVM.

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<b class='callout'></b> Staff members (l. to r.) Kathy McDermott, Sarah Rentz, BVM Secretary Regina M. Qualls, Patty DeVries and Katie Chapman are ready and waiting for game contestants!  <b class='callout'></b> Sister Frances Loretta Berger proudly wears her 'Dubuque's Got Sisters' t-shirt to the picnic. <b class='callout'></b> BVMs Mary Kelliher, Virginia McCaffrey, Clementine Kuhle and Helen Kerrigan help themselves to the lunch buffet. <b class='callout'></b> Where shall we sit? Sister Helen Emerson scans the picnic tables as Sisters Catherina Walsh and Carmelina Meyers follow her. <b class='callout'></b> Early birds enjoy the first lunch 'shift.' <b class='callout'></b> Sisters and staff share lunch and conversation. <b class='callout'></b> Sherry Jacobs brings Sister Maura Purcell into the shade of the tent, as Sisters Betty Cover (l.) and Janita Curoe enjoy their picnic lunch. <b class='callout'></b> By 12:30 p.m. the tables are filled to capacity with sisters and staff enjoying a sunny, breezy June picnic day. <b class='callout'></b> Now for the games! Sister Lou Anglin shows her prowess at the bean bag toss as staff members Rita Johnson (background) and Ronda Powers (foreground) look on. <b class='callout'></b> Staff members (l. to r.) Ronda Powers, Kathy Day and Rosie Bechen prepare Rita Johnson (seated, background) and Sr. Luca Yankovich (seated, foreground) for the snack toss game.