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Comments from Participants: 2013-2014

"My first class, Short Story...what a gift. Thanks!" - Harriet Heitaman

"Sr. Joan Newhart's computer class is just wonderful. I can't wait for the next class to start. I even don't mind doing some homework. She is a joy." - Carole Hannam

"The games class is such an enjoyable and relaxing time. I really enjoying Sister Judy Callahan and Sister Joanne Schneider." - Carrie Moady

"Best history class I have ever taken!" - Coni Rhomberg

"Dave Vanderah organized very interesting and informative programs for the Pilgrimages class. I look forward to other programs." - Shirley Hansen

"The intermediate computer class taught by Joan Newhart, BVM, has indroduced me to another 20% of what the computer can do...I haven't mastered the material, but I have some wonderful "tips & tricks" to guide my future efforts. Sr. Joan's years of experience as a teacher and her appreciation for her adult students' efforts makes it a joy to be in her class." - Sharon Scully

"I am a first-time student in two excellent classes. World Affairs on Wednesday has an excellent format with students leading the discussion. The Gospel of John on Fridays is led by the excellent Sr. Pat McNamara. I plan to repeat next year!" - Jefry Walsel

"Excellent faculty interacting with life-long learners makes the Roberta Kuhn experience a remarkable one." - Dr. Bill Dall

"I came as a participant in the art class conducted by Ms. Ellen Henkels. I enjoyed the class because she helped me believe in myself...'To bring out the creativity of a person is a work of love'. That's what I take away with me from Ellen." - Sr. Denise Streng, OSF

"Psychology of Aging with Jerry Beckman was an excellent program with Jerry as an outstanding moderator. I've learned so much. Jerry is so professional and brings out the best in everyone." - Jane Duggan

"The BVMs are doing a great thing by offering these classes. I enjoy them and I learned a lot." - Wilma Butler

"I have been coming to the Roberta Kuhn Center since 2001 and I have loved every minute of it. I have learned many things about art and prayer and it has been my mental health relaxation. I hope to be coming here for many more years as my health allows. Thank you." - Ronnie Roth

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my Art and Photoshop elements classes. The instructors are excellent and very patient. These learning opportunities have enriched my life and I now have so many ideas to make Christmas gifts for my friends and family. Thank you." - Laurie Allen

"This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and enjoy a happy atmosphere. Both my line dancing and poetry classes are refreshing to my spirit." - Sister Antonetta Martinka, OP

"Painting with Ellen...was my Tuesday afternoon treat. Ellen's joyful, free, talent she shared generously with us made all of us feel happy and successful. This was my first art class and a real delight." - Sr. Mary Ann Heyd, OP

"From horses to painted airplaces, I now see things around me in a new perspective. Sr. Margaret Meer's scuplture class opened my eyes to a whole new piece of the art world!" - Sr. Joanne Schneider