Service Group Shares Dignity and Joy with Challenged Children

Hills and Dales Service Opportunity

On Saturday, Sept. 21, BVMs Brigid Hart, Irene Lukefahr and Lou Anglin, and Tricia Lothschutz enjoyed an afternoon helping Hills and Dales Residential Center at their Fall Picnic for residents and families. The group did everything from chopping fruit, washing dishes, and running various game stations, to accompanying residents as they enjoyed the festivities.

Hills and Dales is dedicated to building meaningful lives for individuals with disabilities. Everyone in the group was touched and humbled by the profound depth of love and attention given by the staff, volunteers and families in order to bring dignity and joy to the children and young adults in their care.

“It was also heart-breaking to see so many children and young people who face enormous challenges due to their various disabilities,” Irene Lukefahr says, reflecting on her experience. “What touched me the most about the day was seeing the loving, tender and patient care parents, grandparents and staff gave to their loved ones. I could see parents frequently hugging and kissing their children and reminding them over and over again, ‘I love you.’ What a beautiful image of our ever-compassionate God who constantly lavishes love on the vulnerable in our midst, a reminder to me that we are all called to do the same.”

— Tricia Lothschutz