BVM Sisters and Staff Unite Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Comprised of staff members from various departments at Mount Carmel, the “Working Unitedly Team” held its second “Champions for Change” fundraiser from Aug. 4 through Aug. 15. Funds raised help to support Alzheimer’s research, raise awareness of the disease, and promote the upcoming Alzheimer’s Association Walk in Dubuque, Iowa, on Sept. 9.

Like last year’s successful event, 10 teams joined in the fun-filled competition. Approximately 350 members, including 50 resident sisters, sported buttons with their team’s colors as they emptied their pockets, wallets, and piggy banks of excess change, vying for first place. Boxes labeled with team colors were placed at Mount Carmel entrances and moved to the dining rooms during lunch so sisters could more easily contribute.

On Aug. 16, sisters and staff gathered for a “Mini Memory Walk” in the Joan Doyle Garden at Mount Carmel, followed by root beer floats for everyone. Although Team Blue had raised the most money, everyone was proud to be a member of Team PURPLE, the real winner!

Alexandra Barton, program and event coordinator at the Alzheimer's Association, Dubuque, was presented with a check for $4,278.45 from the Mount Carmel “Champions for Change.” Funds gathered during the mini walk and at two earlier events sponsored by Working Unitedly increased the total amount given to the Alzheimer’s Association by $1,455.

Post date 8.18.2017