Blanche King—July 2017

Blanche King, of Mora, Minn., is an associate who completed her discernment process with her husband David King. Together, they were companioned by Mary Janine Wolff, BVM, who also happens to be Blanche’s aunt.

Blanche has a gift for providing loving care and attention for others as a hospice nurse and as a Eucharistic minister.

Mary Janine shared many stories that demonstrated Blanche’s lifelong care for and service to people as a “caring and concerned nurse.” Blanche also took care of her mother, who later died of cancer. Mary Janine noted that “Blanche is always ready to serve God, family and neighbors. She sees Christ in her contacts.”

Blanche shared that “Catholic social teaching is very important to me.” She tries to live her life by these teachings and finds that “the BVM core values enhance these principles and guide me deeper into them.” Blanche looks for opportunities to seek justice on the border and believes that “social justice equals equality.”

Her commitment ceremony will take place at Mount Carmel on Aug. 20, 2017.