Joan Beissel McCarthy
Thank you, Joanne, for your inspiration.  Certainly glad that Mother Mary Consolatrice "Held dinner for you" that September 8th almost 55 years ago....

Jean Lowry
Whenever I become impatient I think of something a friend once told his wife when she asked why he never worried about anything.  He said, "God will provide me with everything that I need."

Kathryn Lawlor,BVM
Dearest, thand you for you message.  Many of our dear sisters have been "peeking under the tree" this Advent and going off to God to open their presents.

Joanne Lucid
Oh,yes, Kitty...our Sisters are receiving many joyful surprises when they "peeked" this week. We miss them but would want them to see "face to face" all the holy Ones.  How right you are, Kitty....

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