Bette Gambonini
Thanks for sharing a bit of the Guadalupe story, a very important part of our BVM history. I look forward to the DVD.

Pat Bombard
Yes, I add my thanks for beginning to tell this story in a more formal way. Another example of our "pioneering" spirit, despite its short life.

Marilyn Wilson, BVM
Thanks, once again for sharing such significant community history and your marvelous part in it.
I await in great expectation for the DVD.

Annamarie Kane
Hearing about your lives in Guadalupe is comforting because that part of my life was always a mystery.  What was going on in Ca?  Thank you for continuing to share.  I will enjoy the DVD.  You are all GIFT to us.

Jo Ann Pfeiler
Saw the DVD yesterday (Dec.11)thanks to the invite of Vicki Smurlo and Loretta Hubl. It was so interesting to hear all that went on before our entry in 1965.  Guadalupe was a bonding experience that will remain with me forever, and I have nothing but love and respect for those of you who have continued on in BVM service.

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