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Core Values

These core values of the BVM community are rooted in four sources: the Word of God, the writings of Mary Frances Clarke, the written Constitutions of the community, and the tradition of the Catholic Church.


To be free is to be totally open to God's love. As we realize this, we are able to make loving choices - to take a stand toward God. We become who we are called to be at the deepest core of our being.


Through education, we recognize our gifts and develop our potential, and draw these out in others. We recognize our interdependence and become whole and integrated.


To live a life of love is to have the power and courage to respond to all peoples and events with compassion that seeks the well-being of the other and the common good.


Justice helps us recognize the dignity, equality and rights of all persons. It calls us to be faithful to the demands of a relationship. It is to be concerned about the oppressed, the marginalized and the person without access to resources.

Impelled by these values, BVMs respond to critical human situations, especially among women and the poor, through diverse ministries.